UDS Testing Using Automotive Industrial Standard Scripting Language



Today’s vehicles have become more advanced and they start relying more and more on the electronics that is embedded within it. As this quantum of electronics in the vehicle increases, it adds to the vehicle complexity. Vehicle Diagnostics plays a vital role in impacting the ability to accurately diagnose, troubleshoot and repair the vehicle.

Unified Diagnostic Service (UDS) is the protocol which is used to do diagnostic of ECU to handle failures inside it. UDS plays an integral part of ECU diagnosis, trouble shooting and repair. Once the UDS is implemented we also have to evaluate from a testing perspective if the UDS is implemented as per customer requirements. This 4 hour crash course will help you test the ECU under test by reading the customer requirement. But before you go on to do the testing you will have to prepare test cases to evaluate the customer requirements. Once you prepare the test cases then you can manually test the test cases and then you can also automate the test cases by using Industry popular testing scripting languages like Python or any Automotive Industry Standard Scripting Language.

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