Basic CAN Vs Full CAN

Author: Kaarthick Balakrishnan

Basic CAN

The #IPDUs which are grouped in the Communication module will be forwarded to the CAN IF module. The CAN IF module will be responsible for adding the CAN header ( information will be provided by the #arxml file/dbc file which will be loaded ). Let’s say if the size of the IPDUs is only 24 bits then we can add another 40 bits in the CAN frame. THE CAN IF module can now combine different IPDUs from the #COM Module into one CAN frame and send it. This is called BASIC CAN

Full CAN

If only one IPDU is allocated for one CAN frame then it is called FULL CAN.

FULL CAN will not need software filtering. However, for BASIC CAN we shall perform software filtering in order to choose the PDUs that needs to be forwarded during reception.

This will prevent the upper layers from getting overloaded.

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