How to do DATA MAPPING for communication stack

Author: Dr Kaarthick Balakrishnan

Data mapping has to properly done with the help of the #delegation ports between the Application Software Component (#ASWC)and Communication Module. Once the #arxml file is loaded into the Communication stack all the CAN signals will get reflected in the ASWC. The developer should create ports in the ASWC and the ports have to to be mapped to the right signals in the communication stack. To do this we have to create delegation ports in the ASWC Composition and the #ECU composition. Only when the delegation ports are created proper mapping can be done between the ports in the ASWC and communication signals.

Once the mapping is done a #RTE header file will be created which will have the definitions of all the #COM Signal mapping. The RTE.c file will use the Com_Send signal API and forward the data to the correct signal.

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