Interface Definitions in AUTOSAR

AUTOSAR Interfaces are used in defining the ports of software-components and/or BSW modules. Through these ports, software-components and/or BSW modules can communicate with each other AUTOSAR makes it possible to implement this communication between Software-Components and/or BSW modules either locally or via a network.

The AUTOSAR Interface is a generic interface which is derived from the ports of a SWC. AUTOSAR Interfaces are provided by the RTE and serve as interface between SWCs or between SWCs or between a SWC and the ECU firmware (IO HW and Complex Drivers). Via these interfaces, a SWC can e.g. read an input value or write an output value.

  • Std_ReturnType Rte_Write_<port>_<o>(<data>)
  • Rte_Write_ledDial_ledData(seatSensor.seatStatus);

The Standardized AUTOSAR Interface is an “AUTOSAR Interface” whose syntax and semantics are standardized in AUTOSAR. Such interfaces are used by the SWCs to access  AUTOSAR Services, which are provided by BSW modules of the Service Layer like the ECU  manager or the diagnostic event manager.

  • Std_ReturnType BswM_PduGroupSwitchActionHandle( const BswM ActionListItemType *item );
  • Std_ReturnType BswM_RequestFullComActionHandle( const BswM_ActionListItemType *item );
  • boolean BswM_ComMFullCommuncationlExpressionLogicalExpHandle( void );
  • boolean BswM_ComMNoCommuncationlExpressionLogicalExpHandle( void );
  • boolean BswM_StartCommunicationExpressionLogicalExpHandle( void );

The Standardized Interface is an interface, which is predefined by the AUTOSAR standard as  API in C language. It is used between BSW module within an ECU, between RTE and Operating  System (OS), or between RTE and the Communication Layer.

  • Com_SendSignal(ComConf_ComSignal_CanTxSignal, &value);
  • Com_ReceiveSignal(ComConf_ComSignal_CanRxSignal, value);

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