Can we use Client Server interface to communicate between ports in Inter ECU Communication?

When a software component (SWC) in application layer want to communicate with another SWC it can use two types of interfaces- Sender Receiver Interface and Client Server Interface. Both these interfaces work perfectly of Intra-ECU communication. However, for inter-ECU communication we may not be able to use Client Server Interface to communicate between SWCs. We will primarily use Sender Receiver communication to establish communication between to SWCs in Inter ECU communication. If we use Client Server communication and use delegation ports to establish communication outside the composition, there will be challenges in data mapping. This is because if we use Client Server Interface to establish communication between ECUs Client requests and Server responses will have to managed with the help of data transformation. Signal mapping between the SWC port and the Communication Module will not be straight forward.

It is always recommended to use Sender Receiver Interface to establish inter ECU communication.

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