All You Want To Know About The CAN


All You Want To Know About The CAN

  • All you want to know about the CAN

You Will Learn:

Goal: User will get the strong know how about CAN protocol, knowledge take away where and how efficiently CAN protocol used in automotive

1. CAN Basic Concepts

  • System flexibility
  • Message Routing
  • Multicast
  • Data consistency
  • Bit rate
  • Priorities
  • Remote Data request
  • Multimaster
  • Arbitration
  • Safety
  • Error signaling and recovery time
  • Fault confinement
  • Connections
  • Single channel
  • Bus values

2. Message Transfer

  • Frame Formats
  • Frame types
  • Data frame
  • Remote frame
  • Error frame
  • Overload frame
  • Inter-frame spacing

3. Definition of transmitter/receiver

4. Message Filtering

5. Message Validation

6. Coding

7. Error Handling

  • Error detection
  • Bit error
  • Stuff error
  • CRC error
  • Form error
  • Acknowledgement error
  • Error signaling

8. Fault confinement

When The Course Is Scheduled?

4 Hr Course scheduled on 25th of September,2021 10 AM to 2 PM IST


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