Controlling Automotive Standard Tools Using Python


Controlling Automotive Standard Tools Using Python

Automotive Industry is using Automotive Industrial Standard Tools significantly for their system testing purposes. However, testing engineers tend to waste a significant amount of their time in doing mundane tasks like loading the test specification, running the test scripts and storing the result. Automotive Simulation Tool Training offers solutions for automating this entire process with the help of Python Libraries. Using these Libraries the Automotive Industrial Standard Tool testing process can be automated and engineers can spend a significant amount of their time in more creative jobs.

Controlling Automotive Standard Tools using Python is a 4-hour crash course that enables System Test Engineers to automate their whole Automotive Industrial Standard Tool testing using Python Libraries

Learning Outcomes:

• Understand the Python Libraries that are used for Automotive Industrial Standard Tool Automation

• Implement Automotive Industrial Standard Tool Automation using the Libraries

You Will Learn

1. Discussion on current Automotive Industrial Standard Tool Usage

2. Installation of Python Library

3. Loading Automotive Industrial Standard Tool Configuration thru Python

4. Starting Measurement

5. Changing System / Environment Variable Values thru Python

6. Loading Test Specification and Module thru Python

7. Starting Test Module and Receiving Results

When The Course Is Scheduled?

Scheduled Saturdays every month between 10AM to 4PM. Next schedule on 26th June,2021 and 25th July,2021 (IST)


We will issue a Certificate of Completion to the participants post successful completion. This Certificate is included as part of the training.


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Delivery option: Online

Course Amount : Rs. 2000


Upon successful registration for the course you will receive an Receipt for the Payment and our team from ANCIT will reach out to you in 48 hours via email to coordinate the delivery process. The candidates have to install a few tools to get started as the entire instructions will be hands on. You will also receive 30 minutes of additional support from our ANCIT team before the course period to help you install the tool.

Course Materials

All materials are available for printing and review upon enrolment and once ANCIT team sets up the training process.

Corporate Training:

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