Port API options

Port API Options are used to define the Signature of Calls to communicate over Port Prototype in Application Software Component. We know from the Runnables, we will use API to access Data via Ports, And in this API’s there are few options available like listed below:

* Enable Take Address: It will allow the Software Component to Derive pointer to the Object.
* Error Handling: This option defines different ways how a Runnable Entity shall handle transformer errors.
* Indirect API: It will enable to Access the Port Actions via a pointer to an Object representing the Port. This can be used for iterating over ports in loop.
* Port Arg Value: This Argument Values will be passed to a Runnable Entity dealing with the ClientServerOperations. And it is restricted to PPortPrototypes of a ClientServerInterface. One use case can be if two SW-C Modules designed by two different parties, and need to share some data(Like Id) might be needing for both Components, Here the Port args for each C/S interface will be appended as a first parameter to the C/S interface.

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