Assembly Connectors vs Delegation Connectors

A connector is used to connect two ports in different software components. It symbolizes the data from flow from the PPort (Provider Port )to the RPORT (Require Port).

There are two types of connectors- Assembly Connectors and Delegation Connectors.

Assembly Connectors are used to connect ports of software components which remain in the same composition.

Delegation Ports/Connectors are used when ports inside the composition needs to be connected with ports outside the composition. This connections will not be possible through assembly connectors. Say for Instance, the SeatSwitchPort in the Seat Heating Control requires to be connected to the communication stack because the seat status signal/information comes from the CAN message. So the SeatSwitchPort inside the composition will be connected to the Delegation port and then data mapping will done between the CAN signal and the port to complete the connection.

Assembly Connectors vs Delegation Connectors.

Figure: Assembly Connectors vs Delegation Connectors.

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